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Some important statistics:

  • In Romania, three-quarters of adults have dental problems.
  • Studies show that people rarely go to the dentist, with 58% asking for an appointment no more than once a year and only 30% asking for an appointment if they have a pain-causing problem.
  • Younger people between the ages of 18 and 34 visit a dentist more often, but not often enough to prevent gum problems.

  • Social insurance does not cover most dental treatments, many turn to emergency dentistry.

  • When a person has not had a dental examination for more than 10 years, caries and gum disease usually occur, the consequences of which exceed the cost of annual dental examinations and in most cases the tooth cannot be restored to its original shape.
Prelucrarea datelor in stomatologie

Dr. Endre Molnár Jr, manager of Sagittarius Dental

Prelucrarea datelor in stomatologie
Prelucrarea datelor in stomatologie

I worked in England for 7 years as a co-dentist at the 543 Dental Center in Kingston Upon Hull. From the very first days, I noticed that English companies and multinational companies place great emphasis on working with private dental clinics, they care about the oral health of their employees.

Although I liked this attitude, the attention paid to the employees. At first, I did not understand exactly why these contracts are so important for companies, why they prefer to conclude these framework contracts. For companies, minimizing costs and maximizing profits is the main consideration.

In conversations with employers and employees, I understood that in addition to the benefits enjoyed by their employees, the primary criteria for investing in such collaborations are to reduce human resource costs and indirectly increase profits. Employees are more efficient, they are less often absent from work due to health problems, they increase the retention of the staff and reduce the recruitment costs – all of these considerations support the decision of the companies that it is useful to start such collaborations with a dental clinic.

What can we offer?

We have developed an offer for companies!

We offer three packages that put a smile on the face of your employees, increase the level of health within your company and make your employees more efficient and satisfied.


  • The packages are flexible and adaptable

  • Workers want benefits, people are starting to pay attention to their health and are choosing prevention rather than treatment.

  • It is a service that increases employee satisfaction and increases company loyalty.

  • A similar service can make your company more competitive among its employees, especially in such a competitive labor market as Cluj-Napoca

  • Indirectly, employees work more: they do not lose working hours because programming is done according to the work program. And we prevent holidays due to dental problems.

Cabinet stomatologic Sagittarius Dental Cluj
Recepție cabinet stomatologic Sagittarius Dental Cluj

Benefits for the company:

  • If an employee is absent or unproductive for only one week a year for health reasons, the company’s costs start at 1,200 RON, calculated as the economic average wage. In addition, there may be a possible loss of project / customer or delays.

  • In addition, employees are absent from work when a child needs to be taken to a doctor, which entails the disadvantages mentioned above.

  • These packages are also suitable for attracting the workforce, improving the overall image of the company, creating more loyal employees.

  • Employees can choose dental appointments in a way that is convenient for their work schedule (through a discounted scheduling option).

Employee benefits:

  • They cover their dental treatment with digital dental history, personalized treatments, and expert offerings.

  • Take advantage of the free consultations, treatment plans, free required clinical x-rays, free emergency procedures, descaling and professional brushing included in the package.

  • Significant discounts on treatments not included in the package

  • Customed appointments

  • An opportunity to enjoy it all with your children or a family member.

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